Vivian, 22

Jaime is incredible. He will work with you until you feel like you're ready with yourself and he makes sure that you feel good with yourself. I've worked with Jaime for a couple of years and not only did I get the results that I wanted, but I also gained a new friend. Jaime is awesome and I will always recommend him if you want good and lasting results.


Danielle, 52

Don't hesitate to call Jaime right now! He is not only an awesome trainer but also an all-around great guy! I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about changing their lives. He will do everything he can to work you towards your goal.


Monica, 44

Jamie was great. It is so convenient that he comes to you. Good workout where he pushes you in a short period of time.


Marie, 32

I started my fitness journey a year ago with Jaime and I could not be happier with the results. When I first met with Jaime we discussed my goals and put a plan in place. I was not only being trained on how to properly exercise but I was educated on how to have a healthy lifestyle. My quality of life and self-image have significantly increased since working with Jaime. He is an amazing trainer, coach and professional.  I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to begin or continue his or her fitness journey.


Michelle, 44

Jaime is a fantastic trainer who knows his stuff. I used to have a lot of pain from a shoulder impingement, but after working with him a few months, my shoulder is stronger and continues to get better every week. I really like how you are held accountable by having to log your workouts on an online fit log to ensure you're getting all of your workouts completed outside of the training sessions. His rates are very reasonable, and he is great about working out payment plans to accommodate your needs. Jaime has a great personality. He's fun and comfortable to work with, and his methods work. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to get into better shape.


Emilia, 25

Jaime is an absolutely amazing trainer! Since day one I have been very pleased with the experience. Jaime is very friendly and extremely easy going. What I liked about workouts with him is that he was a really good listener and really customized workouts that were suitable for me. Jaime is very cautious, genuine and cares about his clients. He really wants you to succeed. He provides equipment, tracks your progress, gets you a heart rate monitor which I was super excited about. Also, what I liked was that he does not use many machines. Body workouts were great for me and I did see changes in my body. I needed to move out from the area and I truly regret that we couldn't continue our workouts. I definitely recommend Jaime. His personality, knowledge and experience makes him not only the best trainer but also the best person ever! You will not be disappointed!!!


Angie, 55

I started using Jaime for my 19 yr old son.  They got along great and made good progress.  When my son returned to college, I began to train with Jaime.  I am 56 and was not raised to exercise or participate in sports.  I was tired, overweight and fighting chronic illness.  Not that it has been easy, but we've made progress!  I've lost weight and more importantly, inches.  I feel more energetic and have drastically reduced the maintenance medicines I was taking.  Jaime is a great guy with an engaging personality and understands what motivates me.  My goal is to feel fit enough to try anything that interests me and to live longer - think I'm well on my way!