**absolutely NO obligation!**

Lena, 51

I couldn't have been more impressed with Jaime for quite a few reasons. Firstly, he had to go out of his way to fit me into his schedule because I lived a little further, and he was willing to do that. Starting a workout routine at 51 was a bit daunting for me, but Jaime always knew exactly what to do. He knew what weights I should use, how I should warm up, the exact exercises. And he varied the routine and made it interesting. Since I only work part time Jaime was so very kind to let me put me contract on hold. BUT I'll be back just as soon as possible! I need the motivation that Jaime provides. If you need a trainer, call Jaime! And he is amazingly affordable too - THANKS JAIME!


Vivian, 22

Jaime is incredible. He will work with you until you feel like you're ready with yourself and he makes sure that you feel good with yourself. I've worked with Jaime for a couple of years and not only did I get the results that I wanted, but I also gained a new friend. Jaime is awesome and I will always recommend him if you want good and lasting results.


Danielle, 52

Don't hesitate to call Jaime right now! He is not only an awesome trainer but also an all-around great guy! I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about changing their lives. He will do everything he can to work you towards your goal.


Monica, 44

Jamie was great. It is so convenient that he comes to you. Good workout where he pushes you in a short period of time.


Marie, 32

I started my fitness journey a year ago with Jaime and I could not be happier with the results. When I first met with Jaime we discussed my goals and put a plan in place. I was not only being trained on how to properly exercise but I was educated on how to have a healthy lifestyle. My quality of life and self-image have significantly increased since working with Jaime. He is an amazing trainer, coach and professional.  I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to begin or continue his or her fitness journey.


Michelle, 44

Jaime is a fantastic trainer who knows his stuff. I used to have a lot of pain from a shoulder impingement, but after working with him a few months, my shoulder is stronger and continues to get better every week. I really like how you are held accountable by having to log your workouts on an online fit log to ensure you're getting all of your workouts completed outside of the training sessions. His rates are very reasonable, and he is great about working out payment plans to accommodate your needs. Jaime has a great personality. He's fun and comfortable to work with, and his methods work. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to get into better shape.


Erin D, 49

Last Spring, I was pretty miserable. I was very overweight, very out of shape, and living with a lot of pain in my feet, ankles, knees and back. It was getting difficult to do the every day things I needed and wanted to do, and I was feeling lost. Exercise hurt too much which resulted in more sitting, more eating, and more weight gain. In a moment of motivation, I searched on Yelp for personal trainers near me and made a call to TruFit. I feel very lucky that  Jaime answered the phone that day. We've been working together for 10 months now. 


In that time I've lost over 50 pounds, a few clothing sizes, and many inches. More importantly, my back pain is gone and I am back to hiking, walking, and I recently started running again. My joints feel much better and can carry me wherever I need to go. The best change is that my resting heart rate has gone from 84 beats per minute down to 63. I feel much healthier, happier and have a lot more energy.


From day one, Jaime has been encouraging, motivating and challenging. Our workouts are always changing and I'm never bored. Jamie focuses on all aspects of health, not just our strength training sessions: nutrition, food habits, sleep, cardio, and more. He genuinely cares about me and is fun to work with. 


I have more progress I want to make; and I just signed with Jaime and TruFit Personal Training for another year. I'm looking forward to another year of success and finding out what I'm capable of next!


Emilia, 25

Jaime is an absolutely amazing trainer! Since day one I have been very pleased with the experience. Jaime is very friendly and extremely easy going. What I liked about workouts with him is that he was a really good listener and really customized workouts that were suitable for me. Jaime is very cautious, genuine and cares about his clients. He really wants you to succeed. He provides equipment, tracks your progress, gets you a heart rate monitor which I was super excited about. Also, what I liked was that he does not use many machines. Body workouts were great for me and I did see changes in my body. I needed to move out from the area and I truly regret that we couldn't continue our workouts. I definitely recommend Jaime. His personality, knowledge and experience makes him not only the best trainer but also the best person ever! You will not be disappointed!!!


Angie, 55

I started using Jaime for my 19 yr old son.  They got along great and made good progress.  When my son returned to college, I began to train with Jaime.  I am 56 and was not raised to exercise or participate in sports.  I was tired, overweight and fighting chronic illness.  Not that it has been easy, but we've made progress!  I've lost weight and more importantly, inches.  I feel more energetic and have drastically reduced the maintenance medicines I was taking.  Jaime is a great guy with an engaging personality and understands what motivates me.  My goal is to feel fit enough to try anything that interests me and to live longer - think I'm well on my way!


James, 32

I worked with Jaime for over a year and a half.  He helped me realize a long-time goal of incorporating weight lifting into my lifestyle.  I was a leaner guy looking to bulk up, and was basically starting from scratch.  Jaime worked with me to customize a workout routine that drastically changed how I feel about my body.  The best thing for me is the long-term health benefits his routines gave me, but people commenting on how good I look is also nice.  Jaime brings a lot of knowledge to the field of personal training which is plagued with misinformation, but his biggest assets are his personality and passion.  He brings an energy to the workouts that is palpable, and he truly cares about the people he works with.  He is doing what he loves with his life and it shows.  I ultimately stopped working with Jaime only because I finished grad school and had to go back to work.  Once my schedule becomes settled I hope to work with him again to reach fitness goals that once seemed unattainable.


Andrew, 40

My wife and I have been working with Jaime for several months now, and are extremely pleased with our entire experience. My wife and I have different workout goals and very different approaches to exercising. Jaime has been flexible, patient and willing to work with our schedule, goals and programs as a couple and individually. He has also been fantastic in dealing with our three young children who frequently end up interrupting or distracting us while we try to work with Jaime. His ability to do that while working very professionally with us has been critical to my wife and I being able to continue working towards our health goals! We cannot recommend Jaime enough.


Steffani, 24

If I could sum up my experience with Jaime in one word it would be UNFORGETTABLE. Jaime changed my life. When I found Jaime on yelp over a year ago I contacted him. I was like ok, is a trainer really going to your house and working out with you, how well is this really going to work? Well it did. Jaime sat me down and asked what my goals were and I told him I couldn't brush my teeth or blow dry my hair and look in the mirror. I wanted to be able to do that and today I can all with the help of Jaime. Jaime is great! He's persistent with checking in on you and if you've met your met your goals for the week.  I could sit here and ramble on and on about him, he truly is great. He will help you meet your goals if you're willing to put in the hard work and dedication. He's very flexible with his schedule and will always work around yours. He gives you heart rate monitor that tracks your calories burned each work out (which is nice to know) as well as how long your work outs are. He documents everything you do ever session, so you're not doing the same work outs every time you see him. He also sets you up with an excel spread sheet that you have to fill out and it tells your how many calories you've burned how many you should burn. Its very helpful. I definitely lost weight and toned up. His program works! I would most definitely recommend Jaime! GREAT GUY!!


Erin R, 41

I have worked with Jaime for about 18 months and could not say enough about him. He has changed my life. I am down 40 pounds, but more importantly, I am strong. He has been there every step of the way, encouraging, coaching, and most importantly, never letting me give up. I owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. He is simply the best at what he does.


Pam, 53

I never thought I would need a personal trainer, after all I am over 50 and my body at over 200 pounds and 5'3 is pretty much what it is going to be. I have a gym membership and I go once in a while. Boy was my thinking all wrong! I was on stomach medicine prescription, Lipitor and bone prescriptions so I would not shrink so fast.  My doctor told me to lose 40 pounds and do some strength Training or I would be very hunched over soon. 

So I had a friend tell me about Jamie Follows and TruFit training. He came to the house (A great plus) and we did a couple of free sessions. I really needed the motivation that Jamie provided and his skilled instruction. It kept me from hurting myself and keeps me going. I started with a 6 month 2 day a week course, and I started to see results, within the first month. Jamie helps you with calorie burn and keeping track of exercise. I actually started to enjoy my workouts. 

With Jamie's help I got stronger and lost the weight. (There is a before and after picture on his website)

I kept going with Jamie and did another year at 3 days a week. I am down 60 pounds and have really slowed down the bone loss. I only take one prescription now and that is for allergies. I can't thank him enough for what he has helped me accomplish. He plans Hikes for his clients whom he treats as friends, and I actually enjoy them now. I try to get in 5 miles a day, something I never thought would happen. 

  I have recommended him to my friends and he is working with some of them now. I have been a very satisfied client and now have graduated from his course. I really cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to have him work with you. I would highly recommend Jamie and the TruFit course.


Veda, 53

I've been working with Jaime Follows from TruFit Personal Training for over a year now and it's the best decision I could have made.  


I have dealt with chronic knee pain for years, and knee replacement is most certainly inevitable.  Walking and even biking had been challenging for me.  Jaime assessed my abilities and designed a training plan for me that took into consideration my limitations while still challenging me.  He re-evaluates your progress monthly and makes adjustments to the plan as needed.


Jaime encouraged me to take a water aerobics class for cardio and help eliminate knee pain while exercising...he even provided me with a list of classes, dates and times to give me an added push!  I now take 2 water classes, 4 days per week, in addition to my weekly strength training sessions with Jaime, and I've dropped 3 dress sizes!  


TruFit is truly committed to their clients overall health and fitness success and I recommend them highly!


Amy, 41

These days it's not hard to find a personal fitness trainer, the challenge is finding a good one! I've been training with Jaime for six weeks - happily committed to three more months -- and I highly recommend him. He is a skilled, knowledgeable fitness instructor with all the right credentials and tools, but more so he's a mentor and a motivator who shows a genuine interest in the overall well-being of his clients. And this has made all the difference! 


The hardest part of exercising, for me, is staying consistent and feeling challenged and most importantly motivated to do the work necessary to reach my goals- the obstacles have been both mental and physical and had me at my highest weight ever and feeling miserable and defeated. I felt like getting a trainer to kick my butt was my last resort, but I still didn't have the highest of hopes that I would stick with it -- not even after investing the money. 


I kind of knew after my initial meeting with Jaime, who showed up with a lot of positive energy and listened encouragingly as I unloaded all my issues, that he'd be a good fit for me from a mental standpoint. He gave me a few free sessions as a trial, which were great. Still I wasn't convinced that I would get to the point where I would actually enjoy exercising again, instead of looking at it as a tedious, painful experience akin to getting a root canal with no Novocain. I explained this to Jaime and he's demonstrated that he really listened to my concerns, and continuously addresses my mental blocks, physical limitations and anything else that keeps me from reaching my goals. He comes prepared each session with a workout that pushes me beyond what I think I'm capable of, with enough variety to keep me challenged and engaged, and working around my back issues so I get a good workout without injuring myself or enduring more pain. He's also filled to the brim with positivity and an ever present smile which keeps the strenuous workouts enjoyable, so you almost forget how hard you are breathing and sweating. You kind of can't be in a bad mood around him. Exercise is something I look forward to with him and on my own. In between sessions with him, Jaime will text you if you need that extra push to do your cardio. This seems like a little thing, but it's really helped me get over that hump to know someone is out there rooting for me and not taking any excuses or hearing the words "no" or "I can't". 


At first I wasn't certain the financial investment would be worth it. I've had gym memberships and used health club trainers. Jaime is a mobile trainer, meaning he will come to you. We happen to workout in the exercise room of my apartment complex, which works really well for me. The exercise room is fairly well equipped, but I can see how Jaime's routines and improvising could be effective in a home environment too. He's not there to just show you how to use gym equipment properly. He uses a wide variety of techniques and tools from equipment to your own body resistance. Jaime also has an online fit log where you can view your progress, and does 30 day assessments, which I like. 


I don't think you can go wrong with Jaime. I understand he's flexible with payment too, but I paid him upfront, and it was well worth the investment. I am really looking forward to how great I'll feel and look this Spring. Give him a try.